September is National Suicide Prevention Month

We have attached some mental health resources with additional information regarding Suicide Prevention Month. If you have additional concerns, we have social workers, psychologists, and counselors available to discuss.

Crisis Resources

  • If you or someone you know is in an emergency, call 911 immediately.
  • If you are in crisis or are experiencing difficult or suicidal thoughts, call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273 TALK (8255)
  • If you’re uncomfortable talking on the phone, you can also text NAMI to 741-741 to be connected to a free, trained crisis counselor on the Crisis Text Line.

Quick Links:


District 142 Mental Health Professionals

Easton Joyce, MSW
Hille Middle School
Social Worker
708-687-5550 x 6215
Emilie Harris
Hille Middle School Counselor
708-687-5550 x 6213

Patricia Schroeder
Hille Middle School Psychologist
708-687-5550 x 6212

  Carmen Igyarto, RN
Hille Middle School Nurse
708-687-5550 x 6103
Nancy Kukulka, MSW
Kerkstra Elementary School
Social Worker
708-687-2860 x 4337
Katie Rosenberg, Ed.S.
Kerkstra Elementary School Psychologist
708-687-2860 x 4304  
Rose Eichorst, RN
Kerkstra Elementary School Nurse
708-687-2860 x 4103
Christy Scolaro, MSW
Foster Elementary School
Social Worker
708-687-4763 x 5364
Melissa Lottich, Ed.S. NCSP
Foster Elementary School Psychologist
708-687-4763 x 5365
Ellen Hanrahan, RN
Foster Elementary School Nurse 708-687-4763 x 5103
Laurel Carlson, MSW
Ridge Early Childhood Center
Social Worker
708-687-2964 x 3324
Melissa Lottich, Ed.S. NCSP
Ridge Early Childhood Center
School Psychologist
708-687-2964 x 3327
Katie Rosenberg, Ed.S.
Ridge Early Childhood Center
School Psychologist
708-687-2964 x 3327