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Mission Statement

The mission of G. Kerkstra Elementary School is to create and maintain an environment that ensures that every member of the school community reaches a high level of academic achievement as determined by state and national standards.  We will ensure that each and every child grows as a learner, a person and a citizen.  Employing best practices and committing to a comprehensive system of support will accomplish this.


Vision Statement

As you enter G. Kerkstra Elementary School the level of pride and accomplishment is evident.  The school is well maintained and is a safe environment.  Appropriate technology supports a wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities. 


The learning atmosphere, which is exciting, stimulating and success oriented, affords students the opportunity to learn from their own mistakes.  The learning atmosphere is also flexible and is based on student need.


The school climate engenders respect; students feel free to accept and express ideas without fear or prejudice.  Adults are compassionate, competent, committed, consistent, considerate, and enabled.  Students and teachers at Kerkstra accept their roles in education.  This is evident by the way students and teachers accept responsibility for their learning, possess positive attitudes, and maintain well-rounded participation in academics, extracurriculars and community activities. 


Their communication is open, friendly, and caring.  This exists because of respect among students and the adults in their lives.  The students and teachers are self-motivated and excited about learning.  Students and teachers have a true sense of direction, with goals clearly established.


Students and teachers possess a high sense of responsibility.  Through modeling good values, positive behavior, and high moral conscience, we hold ourselves accountable for our actions.  We accept the consequences of the choices they make.


Students come to school prepared, eager to participate, and devoted to learning.  They complete learning projects and assignments without hesitation and are successful because they believe in who they are.  Finally, all students work to become productive adults and contributing members of society.  They aspire to be lifelong learners as they prepare and plan for the future.


The entire community embraces involvement in the educational development of all students.  The parents and other members of the community demonstrate respect for education through their availability to and support for all members of the school population.  Parents and staff work together in a mutually respectful and cooperative way with the vision of helping students achieve success.  The principal and support staff are visible and accessible to students.





We will give students multiple opportunities to learn and to demonstrate their accomplishments.


We will support the learning community of educators and monitor our own individual professional development.


We will use student data to provide a support system that ensures all students have access to opportunity and academic growth.


We will use scientifically proven, research based strategies and programs in our classrooms to support student growth.


We will model respect, work ethic and open communication.


We will assess students’ progress both formally and informally through observations, interactions and by using evaluative measures.